Maverick ~ Newborn Session ~ 6 of Four Lil’ Bird Collection ~ Atlanta Portrait Photography

Posted by: Katie

My favorite aspect of my job is getting to see families grow and expand in love. It’s not always perfect and posed. It’s busy, loud and active. This is isn’t the first baby with silence and tender moments that go on for days. It’s juggling life and love and cherishing each moment. Here’s to super dads and amazing moms that take it all in stride. Enjoy this sweet session as this family welcomes baby Maverick.

MaverickCathyNB-002LOGO MaverickCathyNB-6LOGO MaverickCathyNB-007LOGO MaverickCathyNB-9LOGO MaverickCathyNB-012LOGO MaverickCathyNB-014LOGO MaverickCathyNB-018LOGO MaverickCathyNB-021LOGO MaverickCathyNB-036LOGO MaverickCathyNB-038LOGO MaverickCathyNB-039LOGO MaverickCathyNB-052LOGO MaverickCathyNB-057LOGO MaverickCathyNB-060LOGO MaverickCathyNB-071LOGO MaverickCathyNB-079 MaverickCathyNB-083LOGO MaverickCathyNB-092LOGO MaverickCathyNB-093LOGO MaverickCathyNB-100LOGO MaverickCathyNB-107LOGO MaverickCathyNB-112LOGO MaverickCathyNB-115LOGO MaverickCathyNB-121LOGO MaverickCathyNB-123LOGO MaverickCathyNB-130

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