Brian and Dana – Married

Brian and Dana have been such fun and joyful clients. Brian always keeps us laughing as he wants us to remember that he has a “good side” and that he only wants to be photographed from it. 🙂 To which Dana always rolls her eyes. Last weekend we were on the UGA campus which is Brian’s alma mater. He filled us with UGA and Civil War history all day long. I was in love with the room where Dana was getting ready. It’s next door to the college chapel and is the room where all the debates have been held since 1785. It was amazing to have history surrounding you all day long. 

Dana’s shoes.

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This was easily the most though out wedding present we have ever seen. Like I said Brian is very interested in history and especially southern history. These are heel plates that the women of the Civil War men would give to their husbands as they left for war. They were meant to show their love and to protect them. It’s hard to find them and Dana spent months searching. Needless to say this gift left Brian with tears in his eyes.

Dana’s beautiful dress.


Getting ready.

You can easily see who stole Chris’ heart at the wedding. There were tons of cute pictures of this adorable flower girl. 


Finally time to go get married.

Brian’s grandmother’s were absolutely adorable all day long. They were laughing and whispering constantly. I loved it.

This could easily be my favorite picture of the day. As Dana ascends the steps to her groom…Brian’s eyes say it all. 

Off to some portraits. What dreamy light we had to work with.

We headed back to the debate room for a few more portraits.

Mr. and Mrs. Rooks

The evening was just perfect and a lovely cool crisp in the fall air. 


You can see how cold it was getting later in the night. It’s the first time we had breath show up in an exit picture. 

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    Photos are great as usual, but the text color of your blog entry (pale grey) is very hard & uncomfortable to read.

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