Unnati & Misal ~ Married ~ Savannah Wedding Photography

Posted by: Chris

Unnati and Misal enjoyed a wonderful three day wedding in Savannah over the Fourth of July weekend. They were surrounded by vibrant colors, traditions and family. They thoroughly enjoyed their time together and we are so happy for them in this new chapter of their lives.

  • Wedding & Reception Venue: Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
  • Event Coordinators: Laurie & Kriste at SAVTCC
  • Bridal Clothing Designer: Benzer World
  • Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  • Wedding Decor & Floral Design: Suhaag Gardens
  • Catering: Jewel of India
  • Wedding Cake: Gigi’s Cupcakes
  • Bridal Hair/Make-up/Henna Artist: Style by Susmita
  • Bridal Jewelry: AB Jewelers India
  • Cinematographer: Pacific Pictures
  • DJ: Prime DJ’s SahilK
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    • Ishita Joshi - March 15, 2016 - 6:48 am

      Now, this is call a royal wedding. style is what truly defines your personal statement.

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